Getting Real With Paula: Managing Personal Traumas over the Holiday Season

Episode 34 – Getting Real With Paula: Managing Personal Traumas over the Holiday Season. Miriam is sharing an episode from the Getting Real With Paula Show on which she was a guest in December, this is a great conversation for the holidays and other gatherings we have in our families.

Key Takeaways:

– I share my story and how I got to coaching

-How do you manage family trauma and drama over the holiday season?

-How I met a therapist who put me on my healing journey

-What the holiday season brings up for people

-Why it is important to stick to routines

-How else to spend the Holidays we don’t have family or don’t have a family to go to

-All the things you can give yourself permission to do


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Effective communication and productive interpersonal relationships are key factors to achieving success and self-mastery in life. 

As an International Speaker, Leadership Educator, she has spoken to audiences as large as 500 people. She has hosted workshops in Canada, Haiti, India and Cameroon to both public governments and nonprofit organizations. 

Her passion and purpose in life is to empower individuals to be confident leaders and effectively reach their full leadership potential. As a result of working with her, clients achieve greater positive impact and the best return on investment not only for themselves but also the organization for which they work. We live in an era where success is too often defined by material things. Instead, she aims to highlight the quantitative and qualitative value of effective interpersonal skills, confidence, effective leadership and relationship management on both the bottom line and the individual’s quality of life.

When you have the opportunity hear her speak, not only will you feel empowered, entertained and inspired but also well-equipped with the tools and structure which generate greater results and higher motivation to take on any challenges in both personal or professional life. 


Miriam is a Certified Trauma Informed Coach, an African, a mom of three daughters, a blogger and writer. After graduating from the London School of Economics, she built her international career in the fields of banking and international development, working for organisations such as the World Economic Forum, Lombard Odier Private Bank, JP Morgan, the Mastercard Foundation and the United Nations. She now uses her passion for psychology and dedicates her time to coaching others to free themselves from the burden of childhood trauma. Her wish to help other women connect to their inner wisdom, love themselves and follow their passion. In her effort to destigmatize mental health and normalize mental health conversations in black communities, she wrote her memoir about surviving childhood and finding her worth. 

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