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 A Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, A certified holistic narrative career counsellor and host of the Overcoming Your Story Podcast. I run Miriam Njoku Coaching and Consulting Business. I am passionate about what I do and I look forward to connecting with you.

“The way you were raised might be holding you back today. You might have survived all your life, it is time to start living and thriving.”


The combination of my rich life experience, trauma-informed coaching certification and holistic narrative career certification, I have the tools to help you gain insights to change your behaviour and create new results. As a trauma-informed coach, I was trained in client regulation, brain-body connection, behavioral reaction, different types of trauma, leading causes, and subsequent symptoms. More importantly, I learnt the proper channels for referral and the growing relationship between clinical professionals, therapists, and coaches. Also part of my training are methods to help ground the nervous system, discard shame and guilt through powerful questions. When wellness starts to develop, I will be able to recognize and promote it.

Trauma-Informed Coaches have training in client regulation, brain-body connection, behavioral reaction, different types of trauma, leading causes, and their subsequent symptoms. They have learned the proper channels for referral and the growing relationship between clinical professionals, therapists, and coaches. To become an ICF Trauma Informed Coach, one must have authenticity, strong values, and beliefs that are not limiting or suppressing towards working in this area. They will have learned methods to help ‘ground’ the nervous system, discard shame and guilt through powerful questions, and recognize and promote wellness as it starts to develop.

Trauma is what stays in the body and nervous system of an individual after a traumatic event and is not fully integrated/metabolized. With time this can lead an individual to feel stuck with feelings of low self-esteem, resentment, shame, guilt, etc. Trauma-informed coaching can help you release trauma and have a fulfilling life.

If you are struggling

  • At work
  • In your relationships
  • You feel stuck
  • You need support to develop yourself

I can help you. Trauma can make daily life stresses feel burdensome and in these fast-pace times we live in, releasing past traumas, clarifying your values and pursuing a purpose aligned with who you are can bring great peace of mind and a sense of living your life as opposed to suffering from it.

Through trauma-informed coaching and holistic narrative career counselling, we work to provide drive and guidance to our clients so they may respond to challenges, improve relationships, find their purpose, pursue it and live a full and rewarding life after trauma. Our focus is on changing negative conditions and creating outcomes that are measurable, generating powerful solutions in a positive environment.

Learn Tools to Move from Surviving To Thriving

Come And Listen to Tips and Tools and the Stories of People That Will Give You The Courage to build a live you love.

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What I have to offer

Trauma-Informed Coaching

As your coach I will partner with and guide you as we create powerful, actionable steps to transition past those old hold-backs, and into the life you were born to live!

Holistic Narrative Career Counselling

We’re hearing more and more about using ‘narrative’ and ‘storytelling’ in coaching, counselling, and advising, but how does it work?


Education projects in Africa, youth employment in Africa, mental health in Africa.


You will learn to identify patterns that don’t serve you anymore
You will gain awareness about yourself, your desires, needs, etc
You will re-examen some old beliefs you have held for years and release them
You will feel safe within yourself and the space I invite you in during our coaching sessions
We will build a structure to enable you to take action after your breakthroughs.

You will feel a sense of control and direction over your life
You will clarify your values and build up your self confidence
You will go out there and work to achieve your dreams while leaving self-sabotaging tendencies and limiting beliefs behind
You will learn to create boundaries that leave you feeling safe and protected
You will take steps to build the life you want today and in the future


Miriam is one of those rare kinds of people who shines clear like a diamond in the forest. Her insight, clarity, kindness and compassion illuminate our coaching sessions. Her gentle, mindful way of inquiring feels nurturing and supported. I highly recommend creating a life alliance with Miriam! She is a powerful support person for anyone on any life journey.

Lana T.


Miriam has such a gentle and calm presence as a coach. In all of our sessions, she has held the space necessary for me to have the breakthroughs I was seeking. The questions she asked were thought-provoking in ways that continued to inspire me well beyond the time we worked together.

Miranda W.


Help Center

Have a query? Please check this question and answers

Well, that’s a great question. The first thing that you should know is that I don’t consider myself an abuse survivor coach as much a Trauma Warrior Mentor. I don’t work with victims I help mold heroes out of the ashes of tragedy.

Childhood trauma and abuse stem from the negative impact of the actions of others on/with children. Trauma is not limited to only physical abuse like sexual assault, molestation, or fondling; it also encompasses physical violence against children like hitting, spanking, punching, pushing, and beating. The impacts of child abuse also come from nonviolent abuse like narcissistic behavior from adults, being talked down to, shaming, having right taken away, and being reprimanded or punished for healthy child-like behaviors.

This is a great question and the #1 reason that I mentor Trauma Warriors around the world, why are you stuck and how can we get you unstuck? Being stuck in The Vortex is the reason that you are not fully owning your potential and living the life that you want. The first step is possible once you understand the practical and real-life ways that you take that step.

As a mentor for adult survivors of child abuse, I think it would be a massive disservice to you if I didn’t have trauma. I am a survivor of child abuse. My story is not that different from many thousands of people in the world.

That is for you to determine. There are millions of adults aimlessly wandering with no real direction as to why they can’t control their habits, vices, emotions, and feelings after suffering from childhood trauma. Some Trauma Warriors want more from their life than dying with the question of “what if”. Trauma healing life coaching and mentoring can increase your quality of life, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, pleasure, enjoyment, understanding, attitude, and energy. In addition, you may find your levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and ideations will slowly if not completely dissolve over time.

best public speaker miriam

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