Miriam with her Daughter

My Journey

Hey, I am Miriam 

A Trauma-Informed Coach, writer, podcaster and mom of three daughters dedicated to helping you free yourself, become the person you really want to be and follow your purpose.

Born in a polygamous family in a village in Cameroon, my strong dedication to my studies brought me to graduate from the London School of Economics following which I started an international career working in the fields of banking and international development, working for organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Lombard Odier Private Bank, JP Morgan, The Mastercard Foundation and the United Nations. 

I continued to search for my purpose until a therapist told me about a book called “Trauma and Recovery” by Jusith Hermann. Since then I worked through my own trauma. trained as a Trauma-Informed Coach and a Holistic Narrative Career Counsellor to help you understand what patterns of your past are still holding you back today and how to free yourself from them and pursue your passions. 

Free from the shame and silence that had plagued me for years, I started telling my story through my blog and launched the Overcoming Your Story Podcast to destigmatize mental health and normalize conversations on mental health. I am currently working on my memoir. 

How did I get started in this field you might think?

Since discovering childhood trauma and its effects, I have studied it and tested different methods of healing, learning to know myself, becoming authentic, taking care of myself and I want to bring more people along in this journey. You don’t have to suffer in shame and silence, ruminate about things that happened many years ago, put on a mask to exist in society, keep getting into dysfunctional relationships, etc. 

How can we thrive after trauma is my passion and that is my offer to you? 

I went through years of abuse, neglect and abandonment but I was always curious, questioning my environment and learning more about the world. From trying to hide my past at all cost, today I understand that my ultimate purpose in life has been to transform my traumatic past into purpose and I can help you do that for yourself. 

Family dynamics, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, work situations, friendships, emotions, self-care, shame, core values, relationship to food, boundaries, defining who you are some of the things we will work on. As a mom of three, I am also passionate about how we parent as survivors of trauma.  

After working with me, you will go out in the world being aware of your values, your needs and have tools to manage your relationships, your emotions and mostly going out to get what you want from the world without betraying yourself. 

I am Certified Trauma Informed Coach

Miriam Njoku- certificate trauma informed coach

Education, Professional Training and Certifications:

Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification obtained with the Moving The Human Spirit Organization, Canada (ICF Certified)

Trauma-informed Coaching Basics Certification obtained with the Moving The Human Spirit Organization, Canada (ICF Certified)

Holistic Narrative Career Professional Certification obtained with One Life Tools, Toronto. Canada

Canadian Red Cross – Psychological First Aid – Self Care Certification 


Canadian Red Cross – Psychological First Aid – Caring For Others Certification 

Member of a Network of Psychological Health Scouts in my community in Canada

Diploma for Graduates in International Development, University of London, UK

Master of Science in International Political Economy, London School of Economics, UK

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland