Return to Cameroon, Foumban, Cameroon

Join Miriam on an enduring voyage across Cameroon, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, through her childhood to young adulthood.

Articles covering topics such as childhood trauma, workaholism, the significance of Black Lives Matter, and the dynamics of human relationships.

Overcoming Your Story and the Surmonter Son Passé podcasts.

Miriam Njoku

About Miriam Njoku

Born and raised in Cameroon, she immigrated to Switlzerland as a teenager.
With a background in international political economy, Miriam pursued a diverse career in private banking and international development, before turning her focus to writing first on her blog about family, intergenerational trauma and parentification and later on her coming-of-age memoir.

She now focuses on writing, sharing her story and expertise in intergenerational trauma and empowering others to overcome childhood burdens. She aims to create a space that will invite others to create change in themselves that will impact communities.