Connecting Stories: Married at 14 – Part I

This week Miriam is sharing an interview she had with Ify Bamigboye on her Podcast Connecting Stories. I share my story about overcoming childhood and inter-generational trauma, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. This is the first time I share my story in full, I tend to rush through my story but Ify has this way of helping her guests tell their story and I thank her for it. Ify is a guest on this podcast too, episode 8.


  • the meaning of married at 14
  • being abandoned
  • moving and moving again
  • grief and loss
  • how to survive you ask?
  • resilience and hardwork

About Ify Bamigboye

Instagram: @connectingstories


Ify Bamigboye

Ify is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. She founded Connecting Stories London on January 6, 2018. It was birthed from having built lifelong relationships with the many women she encountered while living across 3 continents, Africa, Europe and Asia; subsequently being blessed by the immense support from these relationships during her own struggles and the different significant milestones of her life.

Connecting Stories

Connecting Stories Podcast is a place to explore big topics on life issues that will inspire, educate, motivate and empower everyone who listens. It is a space to sort through the questions we are all trying to answer. A place for meaningful conversations, authenticity, vulnerability and of course we’ll have some laughs along the way.






























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