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My childhood was filled with neglect, abandonment and trauma silent for many years. I used school and achievements to move forward in life but today I knows that I had to accept what happened to me, process it and integrate it to live my life aligned to my core values.

I know that there are many children who have lived and who live the life I went through. I share my story to raise awareness about child abuse, healing for adult survivors, parenting as a trauma thriver.

I am a speaker, writer and certified Trauma Informed Life Coach. I am passionate about helping women connect to their true selves and reach their full potential. 

After many years of silence, shame and guilt, I found my voice and connected to my true passion of coaching others, through the difficulties I faced as an adult after a childhood of adversity and trauma.

As a certified trauma informed life coach, I now taps into the valuable lessons I have learnt from 

I am the host of Overcoming Your Story Podcast through which hopes to destigmatize mental health and normalize conversations on mental health.

I work with women on a one-to-one basis offering coaching and career counselling through holistic narrative career counselling. 

I have had trauma in my life and after changing careers a few times, I realised that my silence, shame, guilt had a name: childhood trauma. I have since trained and obtained a certification as a trauma informed coach. I am not only about healing, I am also offering how to find clarity in your life and pursue your purpose.  I am also a certified holistic narrative career counsellor. I am about to launch the Overcoming Your Past Podcast in French. 

The main objective of my business is to provide trauma-informed coaching, consultation, career counselling and later certified courses to help  others uncover themselves through coaching and then their purpose (through career counselling). 

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