Ify’s Journey to Herself

Overcoming Your Story is geared towards black women, how they can connect with themselves, unleash their power and step out of their limiting beliefs. So, in this episode, Miriam speaks to Ify, a coach, teacher and trainer who helps black women manage their emotions and relationships.

Ify opens up about her own story, why she does the work she does and the many obstacles she had to overcome to get her where she is today.


  • Ify was born in the UK but grew up in Nigeria. Her Dad was very passionate about her having an African upbringing. This was partly due to the racism he experienced in the UK.
  • Ify recognises that she grew up loved and protected but having a traditional African upbringing meant she didn’t really have a mind of her own. This is something she discovered as she got older, the career path her parents wanted her to take in medicine did not come easy to her, this affected her relationship with her father.
  •  After not achieving what was expected of her, the relationship with her father deteriorated further. There was no conversation to be had around what she wanted but instead disappointment from her Dad for not achieving what he expected.
  • Every child is different. When parents decide on set paths, they aren’t taking into account the differences and preferences of that child. They are a unique person with their own identity but this isn’t always considered.
  • Being the first Daughter of an African family meant that Ify had so much pressure put on her. She was supposed to be responsible, accountable and successful. It was a big weight to bear.
  • Getting into project management and running professional courses is how Ify built her career. She has always loved working with people and building relationships so this was perfect for her.
  • Ify has always been friends with multiple groups of people. Even at school she was able to build relationships with many different types of women and when she reconnects with these women years later the foundation of the relationship is still there. It has followed her throughout her life.





There was so much racism he experienced that he refused for us to have Christian names”


“I didn’t really have a mind of my own”


“I was sick on the inside, the reality that I was going down this path that I wasn’t supposed to go down”


“I love people, I love working with people, I love talking to people”





Ify Is a Certified Coach, Teacher and Trainer. She is also a program manager and host of the Connecting Stories podcast aimed at empowering women and families in the black community.






Miriam is a Trauma Informed Coach, an African, a mom of three daughters, a blogger and writer.  After graduating from the London School of Economics, she built her international career in the fields of banking and international development, working for organisations such as the World Economic Forum, Lombard Odier Private Bank, JP Morgan, the Mastercard Foundation and the United Nations. She now uses her passion for psychology and dedicates her time to coaching others to free themselves from the burden of childhood trauma.  Her wish to help other women connect to their inner wisdom, love themselves and follow their passion. In her effort to destigmatize mental health and normalize mental health conversations in black communities, she wrote her memoir about surviving childhood and finding her worth.  


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